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    I'm angry with McAfee

      For the past 2 days I have had McAfee online working to clean my laptop. It took more than 24 hours. They imported at least 2 outside vendors to support the cleanup process. It also cost me an additional $190 to get it done. I had no choice because my system was completely screwed even though I have McAfee. Now that I am back up running again I downloaded PC-Cleaner to review my system again and it found over a thousands item to clean but would need to pay an additional $30 to get their program.


      My question, when will this stop?


      I purchased McAfee to keep me clear of these problems but I still get the virus and still need to pay more money to get them fixed.


      I'm very angry!!!

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          I advise against using or buying PC-Cleaner. Save your thirty dollars. That product is regarded by some as scareware; undoubtedly it would "find" errors in order to persuade you to buy the product.


          Now, what was the virus infection you had, and why didn't you come here first for advice? You could have had it for free.


          If you go to Microsoft, or McAfee, or one of the other outfits offering remote-assistance technical help (or even to a local PC store), you will indeed be helped, at a price. People need a service, the service is provided, the companies providing the service sometimes make a profit, and it provides employment for the IT guys. That's a good business model. The people here (and on other forums) provide an alternative to paid support, and we're sometimes almost as good. And we don't charge anything.


          The answer to your question is, I suppose, when computing devices cease to be hackable, breakable, subject to wear and tear, and liable to have unwanted programs downloaded on to them. McAfee does a pretty good job of keeping out harmful software, but users can always override warnings and malware authors are pretty good at devising new variants of malware (or worse, new strains of malware) to bypass AV programs. It's a constant game of cat-and-mouse.


          So, what were the problems and what was the virus?

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            Hayton.....thanks for your reply....I understand captialism....I embrace it's concepts....However I purchased a product that promised protection and expect the product to deliver, not keep costing me money each time I have a problem. I also expect "stuff" to break as time goes on but I expect the protection I paid for to keep up without costing me more money each time I need it.


            (I did not purchase PC-Cleaner)


            I expect McAfee to deliver!

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              gwdcory wrote:


              I expect McAfee to deliver!


              ... and apparently it didn't. What did you get infected with?


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                Hayton....I am not able to list all the problems.....


                there were about 400 virus, trojons, etc....why didn't McAfee detect and fix them before it went to far and "stop" my operation?

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                  So where did that figure of 400 come from, I wonder? What product detected them all? There are some spurious "PC Cleaners" that list fake infections, and other (legitimate) products that flag minor concerns (such as a PUP or cookies) as 'major threats'.


                  Assuming that your McAfee installation was up to date, did you check to see whether Windows, IE, other browsers, Java, Flash, Adobe Reader, and other third-party software was up to date? Not installing updates is one of the easiest ways to become infected, because once a security vulnerability is made public the malware authors push out products to take advantage of unpatched systems. And there are huge numbers of users, according to Microsoft (and if you want chapter and verse for this I can probably find it, with a little searching) who haven't updated key software for anything up to five years.

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                    I appreciate this conversation with you about my angry with McAfee and what I expect from a produce that advertise protection. The 400 number is an example of size, no need for you to question. You are the professional and I'm not. I expect results not excuses.

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                      It would still be helpful to know what it was that McAfee failed to detect.  Anything that uses a Java exploit, for example, is very difficult to detect, and once on your system can easily download other malware which could (and often does) disable anti-virus programs. Rootkits have this disabling feature built into them, and once on your system are extremely difficult to remove. And fake anti-virus programs by themselves are not much of a problem, but they too often download other malware.


                      Have you tried running Malwarebytes free version to see what residuals it can detect? That program has a detection algorithm that will flag just about anything it doesn't recognise (which can lead to a lot of false positives) and is a useful backup to McAfee.

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                        Regretfully, I have to bow out of this conversation. Other business awaits, and I have some website investigation to carry out tonight.  I recommend you keep everything up to date, and run a Malwarebytes scan as well as a McAfee scan every week. That should keep you safe.

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                          Thanks for you input

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