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    Synchronize Endpoint Encryption password with Windows doesnt work ?



      I'm assuming this feature sets the Mcafee Pre-boot password to whatever the Windows Password is. We've been doing alot of testing and so far this doesnt work. We have SSO turned on.


      Here is how we are testing. I assign a new user to a pc. I wakeup/sync and reboot the machine. I log in pre-boot with the newly assigned id. I'm instructed to set a password, I do so. (It's different then my Windows password). Windows boots and I am auto-logged in. I can get to network resources, everything looks golden.


      BUT (and its a big but) , When I reboot the pre-boot password is still what I originally set it to. It didnt sync with Windows. Even when we run an LDAP sync. Still doesnt work change the preboot password.


      I'm I misunderstanding how this works ? Any insight would be appreciated.





      on 2/9/12 1:19:55 PM CST