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    Encryption speed


      I have a server encrypted with EEPC 5.2.4.  It's going on 2 days now that it's been encrypting.  If I were to add memory, would that speed up the encryption time.  Would restarting the server speed up encryption?  Is there anything that can be done to speed up encryption?



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          Encryption speed is a function of disk rw, CPU, and algorithm.


          So no, adding more memory or restarting is not going to help.


          How big is the disk, and how is it connected? My desktop. Does about 160GB an hour, so your server must have huge, or slow disks...

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            The disk is 2.5 TB split into 3 partitions. 

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              it would take 15 hours on my machine then. I guess you must have a slow server? If you'd used AES-NI it would have been much faster, but if you're on 5.2.5 you would not have had that option.


              It will take as long as it takes unfortunately - how far has the progress bar got?

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                160GB / HR?  At what write speed -- holy crap.  We were doing 320GB drives and it was running 4-5 hours (traditional SATA).


                I haven't done any monitoring again since we went SSD and AES-NI (thanks Intel!) -- is it really that much faster these day?


                SafeBoot wrote:


                It will take as long as it takes unfortunately - how far has the progress bar got?

                Quit teasing, we both know the progress bar is less accurate than even Microsoft's progress bars :-)

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                  This is on an old Dell desktop of mine, It's nothing special. I think it has three 500GB WD drives on a PERC controller...


                  As for the progress bar, it's 100% accurate, if you remember that it restarts after every sync to indicate how much is left to do