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    Recommended Backup Strategy for ePO


      Hey guys,


      just a question for a "best practice" on how to backup the ePO.

      We are just now using the ePO 4.5 running on a VM.

      Every Month the VM is backed up.

      Every night the ePO-Database is backed up, running on a seperate SQL-Server.

      Is this a good way or are we missing something.

      Would there be a problem, just in case, we had to do a desaster-recovery?

      E.g. the VM is 20 days old but the database just one day?


      Hope to get some hints and tips.




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          Laszlo G

          Hi Daniel_S, you could have some problems if you restore a newest version of ePO's database with an old ePO VM.

          For example, you can check VirusScan 8.8 extension into your ePO server today (or any other product) so the extension will be written to your database and inside ePO directories.


          Now your server crashes and you restore today's database but your VM is some weeks ago, you'll have a problem because there's an inconsistency between your ePO server and server's database (there are differente extension versions registeres in your database and in your ePO server).


          What we do in some VM environment is an SQL backup every night and a VM backup once a week so if we have to go back to the last VM then we will also restore same day's database and will loose one week of work (maximum)

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            Okay, that makes sense. So we would loose one month of work - worst case.

            I see that.

            Is there a problem with "keys" being different?

            I don´t know if thats happening, but does ePO exchange keys with the clients for safe communication or something? keys that change maybe every 7 days or something?


            Thx so far


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              Laszlo G

              Don't worry about agent-server keys because they will only change if you change them manually (never automatically)

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                Okay guys,

                thank you so far. I´ll see if we can backup the VM once a week, should be no problem i guess.




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                  Our ePO server is also a VM. We just had a Symantec NetBackup consultant come in last week to help us setup our company backups. Netbackup is performing a full system backup once a week and then incrementals every night. I have just configured a script, to run under task scheduler, that will backup the database to the D: drive overnight before the Netback job starts. That way we now have the database backup being copied overnight.


                  Without Netback, we used to perform a copy of the ePO files/folders once a week and along with the database. I feel that we have more protection know especially considering that our VM is also replicated 200 miles away to a DR site.


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                    Okay we´re now doing the backup as followed:
                    1. Backup SQL-Database on SQL-Server every night

                    2. Backup Folder on the ePO-Server: "C:\program files\mcafee\epolicy orchestrator" with nt-backup the same time as the sql-database


                    The VM itself is backuped every month.


                    Now i would recover this way:
                    1. Copy (worst case 31 days old) VM to our VM-Ware-Server.

                    2. Start up without networkaccess

                    3. recover the nt-backupfile from last night

                    4. recover sql-database from last night


                    Is there something missing or will not work this way?


                    Best regards


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                      What about reg keys? Depends exactly on what you install in between VM copy and ePO server failure, but probably worth exporting that nightly as well.


                      I've had the delightful pleasure of having to restore our ePO server (also VM).

                      We do full system state backup- registry files etc and also SQL backups nightly.