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    Use of CMA Upgrade  with SA VSE Installation ?


      I have a number of Standalone (NOn-Managed) VSE 8.0i Kiosk systems experiencing the "Cannot Update DAT Files after certain date" issue.

      I know that the McAfee "solution" (at least for Managed Clients) is to upgrade the CMA to at least 3.6 and a downloadable package to do this exists on the website.

      However can anyone tell me the recomended/supported way to achieve the same with a "Standalone" VSE Installateion ? - is is "acceptable/supported" to simply run the CMA Update Package on each machine locally ?

      I'm asking because I basically thought that whilst an 2equivalent process" to the CMA existed ina Standalone VSE installation that it was not known as the CMA and hence I'm wondering about the validity/supportabilityof this approach.


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