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    Device not supported




      I have a problem deploying EMM. I'm testing EMM and in all devices that I'm testing (all Android) I get "Device not supported"  message. What I want to know is if EMM supports only a list of devices and the rest outside this list are not supported and blocked or if this list is open, I mean, I can install EMM in all devices although they are not approved.


      Thank you in advance!

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          Check the event viewer for detailed error massages.


          Remember that EMM have default policy that only allow encrypted devices. If i remember correct.

          Disable "Block devices that does not support encryption" and try again.

          Most of my Android devices does not support DAR.


          Older versions of EMM (EMM 9.6) had an issue of classify all android devices as Jailbroken because this information of the Android where N/A, not YES or NO.


          / mrt

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            Hey mrt.


            You are right! Now my devices appear in EMM.


            Thank you very much for your help!