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    permissions for a user account to stop & start mcshield

      epo 4.6.1

      vse 8.8 p1

      ma 4.6

      sae 3.0

      hip 8.0




      i was recently doing some testing and as such had the VSE access protection option 'prevent McAfee services from being stopped' disabled, logged in with a user-level account and was able to successfully execute the commands 'net stop mcshield' & 'net start mcshield'


      my understanding is that a user account (i.e. non-admin) does not have rights to stop or start most if not all windows services, indeed of all the McAfee services on the PC _only_ the mcshield service can be stopped and started by a user account, the rest returned a denied access, as did all the other windows services i tried.


      with the access protection option enabled, yes, no account - neither user or admin can stop the service


      but i am curious if others have found the same and if this is by design or fault?





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