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    Unable to Continue Installation

      I am receiving the below error message while trying to install McAfee.  I then ran the McAfee Virtual Technician updated the DAT as it instructed but that did not seem to work either.  My gut tells me it has something to do with my registry as I had something attached my registry a while back.  I had thought that I fixed the error as I it didn't let me do ANYthing on my computer and everything seems to be working fine now, but I'm wondering if there's stil something blocking my ability to download any programs related to virus protection. 


      I have spent over $80 on McAfee products over the past couple months for my desktop and laptop computers so I do not want to have to uninstall and try another program.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!


      Unable to Continue Installation

      "Your McAfee software installation cannot continue because a file on your PC is either missing or not working correctly.  To fix this, you may need to download and install a Windows file.  Please read the FAQ's for complete instructions."


      McAfee Virtual Technician -- Webpage Dialog

      Under Health Check Details, it says "DAT not Up-to-date, Expected: 6613, Existing: 6605"




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          Have you tried doing an update. This type of problem happened to me once, I only did was I updated the software after the installation, but yours can't continue the installation so I really wonder.

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            Before we go for further trouble shooting steps, i would like to know some information about your PC. Please fillup the following so that we can go for trouble shooting to try fixing the problem.


            1.What is the Operating system of your PC ? (Windows XP / Vista / 7)

            2. What is your type of internet connection ? (Cable / Wireless / DSL)

            3. How Old is your PC?





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              Thank you for your help!  Here are the answers to your questions:


              1. Microsoft Windows XP, Home Edition, Version 2002, Service Pack 3

              2. Secured Wireless (internet works great on it)

              3. I bought it summer 2008 or 2009...whenever the HP Mini's were first coming out


              Also to note, it works great, like new, but I am simply getting the message from the Windows Security Center that my PC has no virus protection.  I'm able to download McAfee just fine but it won't install.


              Thanks again,


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                Hey there, are you referring to an update on my computer or for McAfee? 


                Yeah, it downloads just fine it just won't install...all other programs work fine, it's just McAfee that won't install.




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                  Try following the below steps and try installing the McAfee


                  Click on Start -> All Programs

                  Search for Windows update and Click on it

                  Check whether you have any updates to install, if so install all the possible windows updates

                  Restart the computer for every successful update

                  Once all the updates are installed try the below steps.


                  1. Click on the below removal Tool link which removes McAfee Traces :




                  Restart the computer once the removal is complete.


                  2. Click on the below link which deletes the Temporary files, cookies etc.,


                  http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/McPreInstall.e xe


                  3. Check your Computer whether you have any other security apart from McAfee. Check the below locations


                  Click on Start - > Control panel - > Add/Remove Programs

                  Search for Other security programs like Norton, Symantec

                  If you have any kindly uninstall the programs


                  Also Check the Other security Program traces in the below Locations


                  • C:\Program Files
                  • C:\Program Files\Common Files


                  4. Try to install the McAfee after performing the above steps and let me know if you have any trouble in it.




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                    Im guessing this is closed since an older post, but no resolution and as I just went through this same exact issue as described above and found this thread, I figured I should close it out with my 2 cents. I wanted to add that at least in my case, nothing from any of the above worked to fix the same "installation cannot continue" error that prevent install of McAfee, but I did get it resolved.


                    Now, it may not be the same issue for everyone who sees this error, but for me the issue was on the McAfee side.for the account linkage to download the software. All they did is get me to a 2nd level tech, who redid all the same stuff Jai suggested above and in the end, assigned me a new account/different email address, and then the installation worked. Its a temprorary solution until they fix the orginal account where software was purchased from and they said to check back in 2 months and recontact support if not fixed by then - wonderful huuh?, but at least its installed and working for next 3 months.


                    So, just for the record keeping, its not always on the users end and techs wont listen to you even if you tell them its a freshly built PC or that you reproduced the same issue on 2 PCs, both of which were true in my case and obviously a McAfee side issue (..although Im sure one could find room to blame Miscrosoft).