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    WebGateway 7.1.6 PDstorage use for a Rule Set



      In our enviroment we have a ruleset hierarchy where some sites are whitelisted before the Cookie Authentication for various reasons.


      Our dilemma is, we would like a security group excluded from these whitelisted locations and get them blocked.


      What i would like to ask here is;


      Can i somehow store a user's information with PDstorage events when that user enters its AD security groups ruleset, and somehow tag those users for 1 day. And then even before authentication exclude them from the whitelist we have in effect.


      What i tried before posting is;


      I tried PDstorage add user data client ip, then i tried excluding that data stored by adding criteria and saying if PDstorage have the Client IP don't get them into the ruleset.


      And with no joy of course, it would also be great to get my hands on a white paper where these PDstorage are thoroughly explained and how the system actually works.


      Thank you