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      Scribd.com is classified as personal network storage, which in our policy is currently blocks.  I'd like to see if it is possible to allow viewing of the information, just not able to accomplish  the upload function of the site.   Has anyone ever attempted this?    I'm going to hack away at a test machine here shortly just wanted to see if anyone has done this before?  My initial thoughts are find out the url's that are associated with any upload actions and block those outright and stop cycle, and in a later rule allow scribd.com.  The other thought is in the media upload section, prevent the upload of .pdf, .xls, .doc, .ppt, .pps, .ps, .txt or .rt, which I think are the available file types you can upload but that would have to be in addition to another critieria, such as url.host is scribd.com or maybe personal network storage??  

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          this should be possible. I would create a rule set which matches the URLs of Scripd. I think a list like this should be suitable:


          URL.Host matches in list <Scripd Hosts>


          and the list "Scripd Hosts" should contain:






          So you have a rule set that matches for Scripd only. Now you could place a rule like:



          Command.Name equals "POST


          MediaType.EnsuredTypes at least one in list Documents




          By doing so you will have Scripd usable, but uploading Documents should be blocked. You can add additions MediaTypes as you like.


          This is only a basic idea - I did not try it, so no warranties if it works :-)




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            I'd say overall this works pretty good and I have tested and fully implemented it.  The one caveat is that it doesn't allow you to log in, but in the overall scheme of things were fine with that at the moment.  I tested this against the various methods of upload.  The standard upload file button, the text box paste upload, as well as the desktop installer msi that you can install.  With the msi, because you can't log in ultimately that tool fails. 


            Good stuff, thanks again!