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    VSE8.8 Policies not enforced with ePO4.6.1




      I have a test install of ePO4.6.1 running on a Win2K8R2 server, and VirusScan Enterprise 8.8 running on the same server, managed by ePO. 
      This server is in a System Tree subgroup called 'Test', and I have a VSE general options policy called 'VSE General Options test' which is a duplicate of 'McAfee Default' with the following two options changed:


      - Display Managed Tasks in the client console
      - Disable default Autoupdate task schedule


      This policy has then been assigned to the 'Test' subgroup in the system tree.  This has been saved, and I used the 'Check New Policies' option in the McAfee Agent Monitor, which showed that a new policy had been downloaded.


      All good so far, but when I go into the VirusScan console, the AutoUpdate task is still present and enabled, and a test on-demand scan client test that I had configured in ePO and assigned to the subgroup is not present.  I tried configuring a password in the general options, but this doesnt appear to be pushed out either...


      Had a quick check around and stumbled across KB66652, but from what I can see the section names look fine in the policy XML (attached).  I saw a few other posts on the communitiy and elsewhere with *similar* issues but not the same...


      Has anybody come across this, or does anybody have any ideas of what could be causing this? 


      Thanks in advance,


      Server: Win2k8R2 (not a domain member)
      Managed agent is
      VSE is
      ePO is 4.6.1 (Build 1192)