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    is there a problem with 6613?

      Hi there,

      I'm getting v2datdet.msc not found after i placed 6613 on my ePO and now none of my clients are updated.


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            What do you mean when you say 'placed'?


            - Checked in via ePOs 'Update Master Repository' task

            - Checked in via a superDAT install

            - Moved from the 'evaluation' or 'Previous' branches into 'Current'

            - or just randomly copied a file to a folder.

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              Are you able to complete the update succesfully once you uncheck the Block option from VSE AP "Common Standard Protection: Prevent modification of McAfee Scan Engine files and settings".

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                Sorry, checked-in via Checked-in-Package -- Updates -- Current branches. Because I use FTP as mean of client updates, I copied over ePO/DB/Software/Current directory to Ftproot. It work for years now till yesterday.

                I even remove DAT from Source Repository and re-added it again, still no joy. Btw, I use avvepo6613dat.zip (DAT for ePO)

                And have just did what "hem" suggest..still failed.

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                  Ok. I may know what's wrong now. deleting V2datdet.mcs on client machine managed to update DAT. somehow the file in client machine seems bigger than ones on ePO. Now I just need to find a way to delete v2datdet.mcs on every client machine to sort this out.

                  Any ideas how I can do this from ePO??

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                    I have seen on another thread is this forum that someone suggested marking it as a PUP (potentially unwanted program) and VSE will detect it and remove it.


                    Obviously as it's a McAfee file it comes under the protection of the 'Access Protection - Prevent Modifications of Mcafee settings and files' policy so if you were to go down a scripted batch file route you'll to disable that policy temporarily.


                    I'll see if i can remeber where the other thread was and link it.




                    found It https://community.mcafee.com/thread/42366?start=0&tstart=0 post 9 in this thread


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                      Many thanks Tristan. I'll try it out and hopefully can be made on my old ePO 3.6. It doesnt happen on my ePO 4.6 though..strange.


                      Not sure what's introduce in newer DAT, reckon starting 6612 and above.