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    8.0i update issue

      Hi everyone,

      About 2 weeks ago, I noticed that my autoupdates have not been working. Nothing has changed with my mcafee configuration or our firewall. This is the output I get when I manually click autoupdate:

      Starting update session.
      Checking update packages from repository NAIHttp.
      Initializing update...
      Verifying catalog.z.
      Extracting catalog.z
      Loading update configuration from: Catalog.xml
      Update Finished

      The result is that the dat file wasn't downloaded/updated, and I have to pull it down manually. Has something changed at mcafee? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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          Laszlo G
          You have to update agent versio of these computers to at least 3.6 and then they will update again
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            Thanks so much! Do you know where I can find the agent version available for download, and is that the actual name? I'm guessing this was a recent change?

            Thanks again!

            You have to update agent versio of these computers to at least 3.6 and then they will update again
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              Why ? :confused::confused::confused:

              ...why have the updates stopped if they were working fine ? - agent versions may not be "supported" but why should that make the autoupdate process simply stop ?

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                Laszlo G
                From KB60060:


                At the time of the DAT 5444 update, McAfee also posted a new Anti-spam Engine component for GroupShield 7 SP1 to the CommonUpdater site.

                When the update task runs, the Common Management Agent retrieves a list of all available packages for download from the catalog.z file.

                In the case of CMA 3.5.0 and 3.5.5, the total number of characters that form the list of available packages in catalog.z now exceeds the number that can be processed. The result is that the update task exits immediately and no components are updated

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                  Thanks - I managed to find that article and the associated Customer Announcement notification - but that states that the CMA versions listed failed in November 2008....

                  ...also I've seen no sign of this issue (thankfully) on a large client installation to date.

                  Hence the question.

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                    Laszlo G
                    In fact that usually happens with stand alone installations where agents have never been upgraded and old versions stopped working on february 2nd even if you see in this KB they are talking about last november
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                      Sorry - still don't understand :(

                      ....the Announcement said (I think?) that CMA 3.5.0 and 3.5.5 clinet AV systems would fail to upgrade after DAT 5444 - but we're now well past that and they are still working ?

                      I'm not denying that we now need to upgrade just wondering why it hasn't already failed.

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                        Laszlo G
                        If your VSE 8.0i are still running it must be either because you have CMA 3.6 installed on these machines or a CMA 3.5.5 HotFix 2.

                        That's easy to see, just go to c:\program files\Network Associates\Common Framework and check version for frminst.exe.

                        FOR noochi01: you can download CMA 3.6 from McAfee's site at https://secure.nai.com/apps/downloads/my_products/login.asp?region=us&segment=en terprise
                        using your grant number
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                          We're running CMA - which is Patch 2 - which I thought was different from Hotfix 2 ?


                          EDIT: - corrected version number info.

                          Also - can anyone confirm and/or point me at some McAfee info. supporting the suggestion that 3.5.5.HF2/PATCH2 will continue to update the clients or when it is likely to cease to work ?