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    Outbound SMTP connections are disallowed

      Oracle is not working due to McAfee VirusScan Enterprise + AnitSpyware Enterprise 8.5.0i not allowing Outbound SMTP connections. Is there a way to resolve this issue from the desktop of certian users, or is it an Enterprise setting?


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          Laszlo G
          By default VirusScan 8.5 and 8.7 are blocking port 25 except for certain exceptions.
          You must need to know wich executable is sending mails and then you can create an exception for it from VirusScan Console->Access Protection->common standard protection (I'm not sure cause I don't have a VSE right now)->prevent mail worms from sending mails and when you edit it you will see an exception list where you will put your executable
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            Just to clarify so you don't get lost it's in Anti-Virus Standard Protection->Prevent mass mailing worms from sending email. The on access shield will show what exe file is trying to send the emails so click on that option and then edit and add the exe name like oracle.exe to the list of "Processes to exclude."
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              do not though that if you are using epo or pp to manage settings then they may overwrite this back the way it was when they check in, so for long term in these cases the policy exceptions need to be created at the epo/pp management server and assigned to the agent of the pc in question