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    How can you configure VSE for Linux 1.7 settings w/o User Interface?




      I’ve noticed that /opt/NAI/LinuxShield/template/etc contains two noticeably important config files. Ods.cfg contains only On Demand Scanning settings, while nailsd.cfg contains the On Access Scanning settings (listed at the end of the file).



      However, I also noticed that the nailsd.cfg posts a warning that says: “This file is updated by the LinuxShield user interface. Any updates to this file may be lost or result in an invalid configuration.”


      If we remove the web-based user interface (because McAfee VSE for Linux 1.7 installs an ancient version of apache that is riddled with security vulnerabilities), are there ways to safely configure VSE for Linux 1.7 (aka LinuxShield) without the user interface (ie only command line interface)?


      Can you do it through ePO 4.5?


      Can you do it safely through the config files I mentioned via command line? How?


      thank you in advance,