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    No policy settings for VSE for Linux 1.7 after checking in package



      I have ePO 4.5 installed on Windows Server 2008 R2. I manually checked in the VSE for Linux 1.7 (aka LinuxShield) package into the Master Repository, and have successfully deployed it to RHEL 5 nodes. My main concern is that when i select a node and try to assign a Policy... under the Product drop down menu... there is no VSE for Linux 1.7 (nor is there a LinuxShield) option. It does have VSE for Linux 1.6 (which came preinstalled with my ePO image).


      Was there supposed to be a VSE for Linux 1.7 product to choose from in the drop down list for issuing policies? Will VSE for Linux 1.6 work in this instance?


      Secondly, Is it possible for ePO to change the VSE for Linux 1.7 settings for OAS and ODS on managed clients through ePO?


      Thank you in advance,