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    SPF Record Evaluation



      with MEG7, we noticed a strange behaviour when the system is evaluating the SPF record of senders.


      We have incoming mails being dropped with the following error:



      Application=smtp, Event='Sender Policy Framework (SPF) triggered', status='Reject and close the connection', From=<[sender]@[domainname].com>, source=[host].[domainname].com([ip.address]), msgid=xxxxx, convid=xxxxx

      SPF Record:

        [domainname].com           20      IN      TXT     "v=spf1 include:spf.[domainname].com ?all"




      According to what we saw in the SPF RFCs, a record with "?all" should be evaluated as "neutral" and always be accepted.


      Something we missunderstood?


      Thanks for any info. (We turned off SPF checking for the time being.......)