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    bugfix needed: mcafee and 2 drives with same label

    Jim Michaels

      mcafee needs to fix the bug where it can't handle 2+ drives with the same label. 


      I ghost my drive to do backups.  MUCH faster than xcopy, which takes about 2-3 days for 800GB of data.  I have 2x2TB drives.

      no, I refuse to mirror them, that's dangerous.  I have seen systems go down on failure using microsoft's "mirroring".

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          Sorry but not quite sure what you are asking.  You've ghosted a drive presumably to another partition but is there any reason why it doesn't have a different drive letter at least?     VirusScan should still scan it as far as I know.   What errors are you getting?


          I do know that the latest versions of VirusScan wont scan the same file twice, to save time and resources, so that is what you may be encountering here.   But I back up my personal files to external drives and mine are scanned OK, so still unsure of what it is you are experiencing.


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