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    McScript_InUse.exe Crashes Machine - hogs CPU

      VSE 8.0i patch 16
      ePO 4.0
      CMA 3.6.x
      Engine 5300

      In an enterprise environment of 800+ machines, in the last 3 weeks we've have 11 (and counting) slow to a halt at the same time every day. Investigation led us to the fact that they all slow down 3 minutes after our daily DAT update is scheduled, and through process monitoring tools found that McScript_InUse.exe was the culprit running at exactly that time.

      Support with McAfee has been slow going and we're in our 3rd week of trying to troubleshoot the problem.

      Through browsing this forum, I have found that the same issue appears in VSE 8.5 so don't tell me to upgrade and things will be better, because they apparently, will not. Although, at this point, it's our next step and what's it gonna hurt?

      Anyone out there with other suggestions?