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    ePO 4.6.1: Client task does not get sent to client

    Attila Polinger

      Hi all,


      Desperately need some help.


      We have ePO 4.6.1 (recently upgraded successfully without any errors from ePO 4.5 P4) and clients with McAfee Agent Clients have VirusScan 8.5 which we want to upgrade to VirusScan 8.8.

      On one system we set a pilot this way:


      1. assigned a tag to the pilot system (tag is properly assigned, and is visible anytime we browse to that system in ePO tree. No other system receives that tag)

      2. created a client task to run on system with the above tag.

      3. woken up the client, but the task never seem to get down to it although policies and other stuff circulate to and fro client and ePO server.


      We even moved this system to a separate group and assigned the client task ("reusably") to this group (this time to "run on all systems" within the group. On a subsequent wakeup call, no task get sent to the client.


      Looking into server.log nothing regarding task sending can be seen (maybe this should be this way?)

      On the client with loglevel 8 this time, nothing can be seen in the log as well.


      Please: how to troubleshoot this?




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          Do you have the agent 4.5 management component checked into the ePO server? (check under software manager is the easiest way now :-) )


          Have you tried upgrading this machine to agent 4.6?




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            Attila Polinger

            Hi Pierce,


            this is a bit more complicated than that. This ePO system is firewall separated and cannot see out to the internet. (it has a source repository on another ePO server the latter of which providing the necessary products or the signatures. Therefore Software Manager does not show anything.


            It has been working this way for years. Actually we never had to really install products on each clients because they were installed from images. Regardless, some VirusScan upgrades have been done in the past successfully (with earlier ePO server versions).


            Also, we successfully are using tasks based on tag assigment on another epo server (4.6 !) with the same agent version as I wrote.


            I'd like to have some troubleshooting advice I would not want to install everyting blindly (if possible :-) ).




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              Hey Attila,


              No problem at all! I think you can view under extensions and then double check the agent management 4.5 is installed. (I say this because when i setup my ePO 4.6.1 I didnt check in anything for HIPS7 which caused some issues!).


              and the upgrading a single agent was to rule in or out if its just this agent version.


              Also I would recommend upgrading to Agent 4.6 at some point so you can use the 'run click task now' options, it makes life alot easier!