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    Can ePO 4.5 send DAT files to nodes with uvscan? (outside-the-box thinkers wanted)

      Question: Can I simply have ePO 4.5 push a new DAT file to a managed client that doesn't have a compatible AV scanner (like uvscan)?


      Situational Facts:

      I am aware that uvscan is not compatible with ePO.

      I understand there are other ways to get a DAT file update, but receiving it from an ePO server is the only automated way within our network environment

      McAfee Agent 4.5 is installed on managed client

      uvscan is installed on managed client

      The managed client being AIX 5.3 and/or Solaris 10 x86 OS (command line interface)



      I'm searching for an automated way to send a DAT file specifically from the ePO server to a managed client

      it doesn't have to replace the old DAT file (we have scripts that can do that)... it just needs to send it

      Perhaps through establishing a distributed repository? enforcing a policy? Adding a configured UpdateOptions.ini file to the /opt/McAfee/cma/scratch/update directory? Is there something the Agent can do to pull it down?



      Please! Any help is appreciated!