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    HELP! ZeroAccess causing havoc to my laptop, I can't access Internet anymore

      I am typing this using my Mac. My laptop had an attack of the malicious trojan horse Zero Access.

      I believe the infected file was desktop.ini


      I have McAfee Total Protection that detected the trojan horse but could not remove it. Then the

      firewall of my McAfee refuse to get turned on.


      Later, after searching the net, I found some articles about using anti-spyware to delete the trojan

      horse. So I downloaded SUPERAntiSpyware that found the trojan horse plus some bad cookies and

      deleted them.


      But the problem got worse after that as my laptop keeps getting Limited Access on my wifi connection

      thus making it impossible to access the internet.


      I later downloaded Malwarebytes Anti-Malware from another laptop and installed it on the infected

      laptop and again, the trojan horse was detected and removed.


      Yet, I'm still getting problems. My firewall cannot get turned on, and my internet access is disabled.

      I surfed the McAfee and tried to figure out how to contact support but it keeps insisting I run the

      McAfee Virtual Technician first before I can proceed. Problem is the version I have on the infected

      laptop says it's not up-to-date and refuse to run. Plus the fact I have no internet access on the

      infected laptop, I can't download the latest.


      HELP! What can I do now?

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