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    Trouble downloading files through SSL-Scanner (MWG 7.1.5, 7.1.6)


      I have trouble with three (or so) sites when downloading files. I get the following complaint from Internet Explorer 8 on WinXP:


      Anyone else experiencing this?

      I can reproduce this with mailattachements on GMX (www.gmx.net), the other sites I know of are password protected and I am not allowed to access them

      MWG is doing the usual SSL-inspection and anti-malware stuff. Disabling anti-malware does not change anything, only disabling SSL-inspection helps.


      I already did a connection-trace. There it is clear that the file is transmitted completely to the browser. I am completely clueless what this issue might be.


      Hope someone has a hint.






      I did some tinkering and found a solution: Suppressing chunked encoding through "Enable workaround".



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