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    MA 4.60 and VSE8.8 updating

      Hello guys, I have two questions:

      1. I installed patch 1 for McAfee Agent 4.60. How can I verify that patch 1 is installed via ePo to clients?  My test client has an Agent version (not 4.6.1 for patch1?), others that is not updated has an Agent version Does it means my patch 1 for MA has been installed?

      2. I installed either patch 1 for VSE8.8.0 (VSE880P1.Zip) or repost (VSE880LMLRP1.Zip), none of them works. The VSE version on the test client is still shown Patch installed: none. VSE version is still


      What I did is: Check in MA460P1Win.zip and VSE880P1.Zip (orVSE880LMLRP1.Zip) into ePo4.5 Master Repository.


      Could nice guys help me? Thanks in advance!

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          I'm pretty sure VSE and Agent needs to be installed into extensions as well. I think you need the EPOAGENTMETA.zip file for the agent, can't remember for VSE.


          EPO -> Menu - Software - Extension.


          Leave the files in the original zip format.


          FYI our Agent under Extension is, which is P1 apparently???




          Under master repository we have 4.6.0 (2292) for the Agent.


          VSE we have 8.8 (849) (Master Repository) and under extension.


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            Hi Norbert,


            Thanks a lot. Your are great! It works after I installed EPOAGENTMETA.


            (I had installed VSE in both Extension and checked in Master Repository, but only installed Agent i Master Repository. The reason I "forgot" to install EPOAGENTMETA is: this meta zip file has the same name in Agent 4.6 and Agent 4.6 patch 1. So I believed they are the same file. Actually, they are different versions.)


            However, it comes another problem:

            We have either VSE 8.7 patch 2 and 8.8 installed on clients computers. Only VSE 8.7 updates to 8.8 p1, VSE 8.8 clients haven't update to p1.


            Now I have VSE and Agent in Extensions; VSE 8.8.0 (849) (It is the repost version of 8.8 patch1) and Agent 4.6.0 (2292) checked in i Master Repository. Even I checked VSE 8.8.0 patch 1 (only patch, not repost) in Master Repository.

            I tried to delet the clients with VSE 8.8 installed by using Directory Management/Delete on ePo4.5, but only agent 4.6 p1 has been removed from client computers, VSE8.8 is still there. Then I deploy 4.6p1 and VSE8.8 p1 with System Tree Actions / New System, but nothing happen in the test clients. VSE 8.8 clients stil can not update to patch 1.


            Do you know why? My dear export :-)

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              Laszlo G

              Hi simonzang, if you already have checked patch 1 into master repository then you just need to set-up a McAfee Agent update task selecting only patch for VirusScan 8.8 and it will be installed on every computer with VSE 8.8 but without patch

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                Hey Simon,


                I'm deploying vse8.8 and agent via client task, I've found this work the best under our org.


                EPO -> System Tree -> Pick a group or asign under My Org -> Assigned Client Task -> Action -> New Client Task Assignment.


                Under Product Select McAfee Agent -> Product Deployment (I found update didn't work in our scanerio) -> Set other settings as required and click Create New Task -> Pick settings as required; Products and components (VSE, I selected Run at every policy enforcement -> Save


                Go back to New Client Task Assignment -> McAfee Agent -> Product Deployment -> McAfee Agent -> Product Deployment -> under Task Name select the task you created -> Next


                Configure the schedule as required and save.

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                  Hi ulyse,


                  Tanks. I tried to choolse the test client, click Actions/Agent/Update now. However, There is no VSE 8.8 and VSe8.8 1 under "Patches and service packs". I have cheked in VSS 8.8 p1. Why it didn't show in the update options in the Update Now list.


                  If there is no misunderstanding, I should create a Agent update task? Where to create it? What I can creat is Client Tasks and choose Product Deployment, Product Update, etc on the tab Client Tasks. I have ePo 4.5, not 4.6!


                  Hello Norbert and ulyse,


                  I have tried Productionde "New" Client Tasks. What I did is no difference as you mentioned.

                  1. New Product Deployment to deploy Agent 4.6 with p1 and VSE 8.8 with p1. (VSS and Agent Extensions have been installed, VSE8.8 p1 REPOST and agent checked in Master Repository)

                  2. New Product Update to update patch 1 for VSE8.8. (VSS and Agnet Extensions have been installed, VSE8.8 p1 and agent checked in Master Repository)


                  Task1 kan update all client Agents to 4.6 p1, but only VSE8.7 update directly to VSE 8.8 with p1. The cliets with VSE8.8 installed didn't update to p1.


                  Then I had to creat Task 2 to updata patch1  for those original VSE8.8 clients. Nothing happened.


                  Since I cannot update, I checked the McAfee dokument again, it says: ....extract the patch zip file to a temporary folder on your hard dirve.....add the package from the temporary folder created in Step 1 to the repository......The instructions show that I should check in the unziped fold. However, what I can do is only check in the .zip file for patch1. It is impossible to check in patch1 FOLD.


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                    Laszlo G

                    Hi simonzang, if you already checked patch 1 into master repository as shown here:



                    then you just nedd to click Actions/Agent/Update now (as you already did) and select VirusScan Enterprise 8.8.0 under Patches and service packs




                    this will automatically select the available patch for VSE 8.8 on current banch


                    on 7/02/12 11:59:25 CET
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                      Dear ulyses,


                      Yes, I do have VirusScan Enterprise patch 8.8.0 1 neutral item in the Master repository as you shown.

                      However, there is no VSE8.8 in the list you mentioned.


                      What I have are:

                      ePO Agent Key Updater 4.5.0

                      VirusScan Enterprise 8.7.0

                      VirusScan Enterprise 8.7.0

                      Snti-Spam Engine for Windows

                      Anti-Spam engine and Rule Update 3505.3505

                      MER fro EOP2.3.0


                      I have two VirusScan Enterprise 8.7.0, but no 8.8 or patch1. However, the test client has the following installed already:

                      McAfee Agent, Product Coverage Reports, VirusScan Enterprise


                      Via New tasks, I can create new client task and choose VirusScan Enterprise 8.8 for updating. But update dosn't work.


                      Thanks you again! I think you find the point but I don't know what I miss 8.8 in the list


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                        Not sure if this is the problem, but there are 3 extensions that have to be checked in for VSE 8.8.  Look in the VSE 8.8 readme file for the info.  I don't remember if they are updated in P1 or not, but you should be able to tell by the file names or details.

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                          Yes. There are three extensions that have to be installed. VIRUSCAN8800(XXX).zip, VIRUSCANREPORTS120(XXX).zip and and epo45_help_vse_880.zip, according to the instructions. I did it when install VSE8.8. For patch 1, the 2nd and 3rd file are exact the same. Same monitor number , same size. (actually they are Report extension and Help extension). Only the 1sst one has different monitor.

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