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    Persistent mcsvhost error & closing

      I am getting mcsvhost encountered a problem errors. This has persisted for several months. I have uninstalled McAfee and re-installed, then uninstalled and installed and activated an entirely new McAfee VirusScan from disk. I have contacted McAfee technical support and set up live chat and had McAfee technicians take control of my computer to try to fix the problem. Each time the problem returns. I am running Windows XP Pro, 2gb ram, 160 gb hd, and my computer has no other anti-virus program or anti-malware program to interfere with McAfee. I have been unable to Google up any solution to this problem on the Internet. Any ideas?

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          and as you ask here is yours a Dell? best to keep these in the same thread please so we can gauge the number still reporting the issue. I assume you do not fall into the 3 workarounds I mentioned in that thread?


          Did the tech takes any logs ie run the mertool? Have you the job numbers for the calls?

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            Thanks for the prompt reply, Peacekeeper. This is a Dell XPS 400. I don't have alcohol 120% or Zumo backup software. I do use Memeo Backup software. I have in the past


            I haven't dinked with my McAfee security settings, just left all of that up to McAfee tech support when I let them into my computer. Here are the job numbers that I could find. The dates on the emails from them sometimes are off a day from the date in the body of the email, but this should get you the information you request:

            December 27, 2011 #806236421

            December 28, 2911 #48457-806241710

            January 22, 2012 #819496630

            February 1, 2012 #4845570-824482954


            I uninstalled after the standard "remove programs" using MCPR assuming that is the mertool you are talking about. Everything according to Hoyle as far as I know in following the tech's directions to the letter.


            I did hook up my home LAN recently, but the errors predate that by far. The LAN was disconnected for a year or so and the errors were happening regularly during that time so don't think that is related. This has been happening for quite a few months, way back beyond the four tech support sessions listed above.


            If you would like to move my post over to another thread feel free. I will assume that any follow-ups will be sent to me and I can use the hotlink to find the other thread. Thanks again for your reply and I do not envy your caught-in-middle position. The tendency is to shoot the messenge .

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              No the mertool is a specialised tool to extract Mcafee logs and windows event logs from a PC that is causing issues.


              Usually a tech does that


              Would you be interested in a high level tech checking your PC out and taking logs. If so I will pass your details onto him..

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                I contacted tech support again after my last post and gave them my last four job numbers, and it has been elevated to tier2 tech support. I was logged on as Power User instead of Admin when we began chat and I lost him after the reboot and logging on as admin. He just called me and he has emailed me a link to re-initiate chat in the morning. We will hook up again tomorrow... thanks.