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    VirusScan Enterprise 8.0

      On two machines they suddenly stopped updating. Once a day at 4:00PM they update like they have for over a year and now I suddenly I get this......

      Starting update session.
      Checking update packages from repository NAIHttp.
      Initializing update...
      Verifying Catalog.z.
      Extracting catalog.z.
      Loading update configuration fro: Catalog.xml
      Update Finished

      NOTHING....there are no updates. I can connect to the respoitory site fine and nothing has changed on my system regarding firewall settings or no new applications, except Ad-Aware which I removed on one of the machines to test and it didnt make a difference.

      It seems strange that this occured at the same time on two seperate systems.

      FYI, I can update it fine by downloading the dat files manually and running the .exe

      Any suggestions?

      Moved from legacy home products to Desktop & Server - MOD