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    How do I reset a user token in EPO ?


      Ok so maybe this is a dumb question but in EEM I had a list of users. It was easy to right click,  reset token, sync, and the user would use 12345 at next login. Now its all very ldap integrated. How do I set the user id token back to 12345 in EPO ?




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          don't think you can-


          Been a while since i set mine up- so yours may differ.

          If you have self-recovery enabled, they can self recover (from options) and create their new password.



          Menu- Data Protection- Encryption Recovery.

          They have to do  recovery- administrator recovery  and read out the long code- then you put that into the console and then select "user recovery-  reset  token" give them the next code, and this should get them to reset their passsword and ask them to reset their self recovery questions.



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            You could also run the EE: Users Query and select the users you want to reset the token on and then click Actions > Reset Token. This works for EPO 4.5 and I am using EEPC 6.1.0.