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    McAfee Plus activation?

      I recently Installed McAfee Antivirus Plus Version 11.0 on one of our System used in Control System Networks. Upon Installation completion, McAfee is asking for the validation thro Internet. Unfortunately these systems are not connected with Internets and supposed not to connect since used in Control Systems. I have the necessary Product key. Is there any way to do remote activation? Any one could help me on this issue?

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          As far as I know internet is required it is shown as needed in the specs. No way to connect the PC for a few minutes? Once activated  how do you intend updating the dats and program patches?


          the dats can be manually done but patches you might need to ask for a cd.


          Dat update via



          You could ask Customer support see



          If you find a way please post back.

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            Peter M

            Tony mentioned the factor that they require an Internet connection for updates, which occur at least daily but are checked for by the software every 4 hours so within hours you will be experiencing errors and if you leave updates turned off it will throw up errors within a day or so.  The 2012 version of the software, which you will eventually update to (now in beta testing) can't be updated manually at the moment anyway which adds another problem to the equation.


            What you need is some standalone type of protection that doesn't update - what I am not quite sure as I don't believe such an entity exists.    Perhaps asking for advice on independent PC security forums might help with that.


            McAfee has a 30-day money back guarantee if needed.











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              This is a standard today for activation I guess as a protection against piracy. Your option is to have it hooked up to the internet, once activated, you could revert the settings back to the original.