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    Trying to find proper product ID for VSE

      A small business I consult for has an expired VirusScan Enterprise contract which I'm trying to renew. However, despite multiple calls to McAfee, I'm not getting the correct info. So, I'm turning to the forums for help!

      The contract expired a while back, so we can't simply renew. But nobody is able to give me a product ID for *just* VirusScan Enterprise (note: not the full security package with anti-spyware, firewall, etc. -- I only need VSE!). I have a total of approximately 16 PCs (I might bump it up to 20 for growing room). I'd like to go to an online vendor (CDW, etc.) and place an order, ideally I'll make the purchase online and be emailed the grant code so I can download the latest patches. Does anyone know what the proper McAfee "part number" I should use to make this happen?

      Thanks for any light you guys can shed on this. It's become so difficult that I'm very close to ditching McAfee all together and going with another product -- which would be a shame since I really like how minimally intrusive VSE is.