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    Viruscan 8.7 and EPO


      Have recently updated from Viruscan Enterprise 8.0 to 8.7
      I uninstalled 8.0 and rebooted server then installed 8.7
      We have EPO server 4.0 with SP3.
      The EPO is deploying the policies successfully.
      Each time i run an update it says "Update Failed"

      From Log:
      Checking update packages from repository ePO_CDLMAN1
      Initializing update...
      Verifying catalog.z.
      Extracting catalog.z.
      Loading update configuration from: Catalog.xml
      Verifying datdet.mcs.
      Searching available updates for DATs.
      Update failed to version 5521.0000.
      Verifying EngDet.mcs.
      Searching available updates for Engine.
      Product(s) running the latest Engine.
      Verifying VSE870Det.McS.
      Searching available updates for McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.7.0.
      Updates were not applied because packages were not in the repository: VSCANCEU1000, EXTRADAT1000, BOCVSE__1000.
      Update Finished
      Closing the update session.
      Upload success and no package to receive

      Can anyone help me with this?