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    VSE 8.7i and McAfee Artemis

      At Focus, the discussion of who was testing Artemis and how it was to function was fascinating.

      I am a corporate user with 600 PCs running VSE 8.7.

      How can I determine if I have Artemis (cloud scanning) with my system?

      I was told it was delivered with .dat files , but I cannot find any references to it in my application.



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          Laszlo G
          If I'm not wrong you first nedd engine 5301 for VSE 8.7i that will enable Artemis for on-demand scan and you will also need this famous DAT for enabling Artemis on Acces Protection (but I don't know where to get it)
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            Ask your SAM for the sDAT files to install it. Thats what I have for VSE85.
            • 3. SAM??

              Sorry to seem dense.... what is my SAM?

              I contacted my reseller and he didn't find anything specific, so I came here...

              Can I download the sdat from the service portal?


              • 4. RE: SAM??

                Or TAM. Technical account manager.

                You have maintenance?
                • 5. RE: SAM??

                  Yes, Gold support!
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                    According to KB53732, Artemis in VSE 8.7 can be enabled for On-Demand and Email scanning via ePO or local client. Right now, enabling Artemis for On-Access scanning is managed via superDAT for both 8.7 and 8.5. Looks like configuration and mgmt. of Artemis On-Access settings will be included in P1 for VSE 8.7 some time in Q1.
                    • 7. Thanks

                      I appreciate this info. I now understand where I can see the evidence when Artemis is there.

                      Where do I get the new engine or the dats that turn this on?


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                        I assume you're specifically referring to On-Access scanning. Do you know who your account manager is to request the superDAT? If all else fails you can toss an email to your sales rep. They should at least know who to pass you off to. There's no mention of a newer engine in the KB article so unless it's included in the superDAT it's probably not an issue. A call to McAfee would solve that question as well I guess.
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                          Laszlo G
                          I think the only engine available is 5301 but it's an engine upgrade that can only be deployed through ePO.
                          Once deployed it makes available Artemis for on-demand scan and e-mail scan but not for acces protection (which needs as someone said a specific superdat).

                          After upgrading my engine to 5301 it detects some viruses as "Generic!Artemis"
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