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    Temporarily disable EE Windows auto-login


      McAfee Endpoint Encryption version  Configured to have McAfee handle automatic Windows login too.


      Basic question is that I need a way to temporarily disable McAfee taking over Windows login so that a separate auto-login configured through the normal HKLM\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\Winlogon registry settings can work.  We do have the sbadmcl.exe on the PC.  This also needs to be able to be done on the local PC without it being connected to the network (i.e., can't require a connection to the management server, although if it can be done and that's the ONLY way to do, I'll have to consider it, but would greatly perfer not to have to connect to the management server because this might be needed remotely and they'd have to connect to the company VPN to connect to the management server).




      We have a piece of software that when installing needs to reboot a few times.  It handles this by creating a special local user account on the PC and configuring Windows to auto-login using the appropriate registry keys in the above mentioned registry section, adding a command to run the setup program again to the RunOnce registry key, then forcing the reboot.


      Of course the McAfee Endpoint Encryption does its autologin with the user's actual Windows account overriding the special acount auto-login that the software install created.


      The software setup does kick off again within the user's login, but it refuses to complete properly.  It MUST log in with the special account to get the installer to complete properly.


      So what I'm hoping is that I can create a .vbs script or something that uses sbadmcl.exe to disable the McAfee autologin, then run this software installer, and reenable McAfee autologin when finished.


      We have zero control over the software installer so suggestions of having the vendor modify it are out.


      Also, upgrading the McAfee client at this time is not an option.  (We are looking at upgrading to 6 but this is a ways off yet and also not under my personal control or influence.)


      Thank you.