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    VSE 8.8 Patch 1 failure on some machines


      Hello there, we recently rolled out VSE8.8 Patch 1 using ePO 4.5 and we've had a few issues crop up over the last few days on Windows XP systems.


      The symptoms are as follows:


      When running "services.msc" the page appears blank, none of the services are visible.


      Our intranet site does not launch any pages which require Java to initialise.


      Those two core issues are resolved by registering the JScript.dll and VBScript.dll's in command prompt.


      The only consistency (besides Operating System) between these issues are that each one did not have VSE On Access Scan running when we investigated. When checking the OAS logs, they all stopped logging just before the VSE 8.8 Patch 1 task was launched in ePO.


      The VSE version on these machines did not have the patch (despite ~700 other systems on the network receiving it fine) and when trying to run the patch setup.exe manually - the install fails due to an "unknown interruption".


      When trying to activate OAS in an unlocked VSE console window, the item just remains as "disabled" and no McShield service exists within the now functioning services.msc!


      I got OAS back up and running by running control panel / add remove programs / VSE / Change / Repair / Reinstall and then a few reboots later the machine appeared to be "back to normal" and the patch even installed. On the second machine though with identical symptoms, I'm unable to get VSE back up and running correctly. Reinstalling and rebooting gets me back into windows but I'm unable to access the VSE console (it simply just doesn't launch, no error or nothing).


      So far we've seen this on just less than half a dozen machines, and I've managed to "fix" one of them (though who knows what further faults may appear over the coming days). Can anybody suggest any further troubleshooting on this issue? VSE failing to patch 1 seems to be the only real consistency.