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    Malware ZeroAccess

      Hello all,

      I am a Partner with a customer with130 nodes.

      In his network, we have detected several versions of malwae ZeroAccss.

      My recommendation is a deep scan on all machines, but doing this, the conection to Outlook is broken.

      Any suggestions to avoid or repair the conection with outlook?

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          Please check the version of the outlook installed. If it is Outlook 2010, McAfee firewall might block it.


          To exclude outlook 2010,

          1. Right click on the M-icon at the system tray.
          2. Click on “Open console”.
          3. Select “Action Menu” at the right top.
          4. Select “View application list”.
          5. Check if Outlook 2010 is blocked.
          6. If so, check mark it and allow it.


          Please let me know if still the issue persists.



          Ravi Shankar. R


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