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    MOVE Offload server sizing question

      Hi All


      Please share with me you expirience on the listed question


      What is the virtual machine sizing parameters for the offload server depending of the number of McAfee MOVE client connected on it?

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          you can find some helpfull information in the help documentation

          MOVE Antivirus 2.0 Deployment Guide.pdf


          The offload scan server can handle a maximum of 3000 concurrent active connections (heartbeats,

          scan requests, and server side cache check requests). If the server has reached its maximum of 3000

          active connections, any new connection will be accepted but queued for handling until one of the 3000

          active connections completes. Each client has a maximum of 6 active connections to an offload scan

          server (1 connection for a heartbeat and 5 for scan and cache check requests), thereby limiting the

          offload scan server to be able to effectively handle a maximum of 500 clients before the connections


          also there alot of information regarding load ballancing and tweaking the offload server


          hope this helps

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