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    McAfee MOVE for VDI questions

      Hi All


      Please share with me your expirience on the listed questions:


      1. How can we cure files with MOVE antivirus?
      2. In MOVE antivirus do we have such functionality as buffer overflow protection and other network protection and network attacks mechanisms as in full version of Virus Scan?
      3. How can we use GTI in MOVE antivirus?


      thanks in advance


      on 1/31/12 9:55:39 AM CST
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          1. => McAfee MOVE Antivirus solves this issue by offloading all on-access scanning to a dedicated VM that runs McAfee® VirusScan® Enterprise, known as an offload scan server. Because the traditional anti-virus application VirusScan Enterprise is no longer required to be installed on each guest VM, McAfee MOVE Antivirus improves performance related to anti-virus scanning. This results in increased VM density per hypervisor.


          2. => Yes as MOVE uses VSE. Move doesnt have the Buffer overflow functionality as the BOF is installed localy in the machines and the schedule uses this local buffer overflow.


          3. =>GTI is uses from the local VSE always that you have it enable.

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