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    Myavert.averlabs.com on different port



      I know that in epo epo 4.x, on the main dashboard epo summary, the link MyAvert Security Threats is not populated if the epo server fails to connect to the link http://myavert.avertlabs.com:8801/reportservice.asmx.
      In my case, in fact the corporate proxy blocks access to the site on port 8801. But I noticed that the link can also be reached on the standard port (80) that the link http://myavert.avertlabs.com/reportservice.asmx. works (at least it seems).

      I am tempted to change the setting of the link in the configuration file server.ini but I saw that this setting is also shown in a sql table called EPOAvertSettings.

      What are the consequences of security by accessing the above link to the server epo changed?

      To make the change simply editing the server.ini file or do I also change the data in the table sql stated?

      Thanks for the replies