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      I was trying to run a virus scan using Mcafee Anti-Virus Plus and it kept telling me that there was an error. All of a sudden my icon disappeared and Mcafee is completely gone from my computer. I went to the website to download it from there and it won't even let me log onto my account. I have run Malwarebytes and the Stinger tool and it still won't let me log onto my account to re-download the anti-virus. Any help would be appreciated.

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          Update....I found some info on another thread. I went to bleeping computer and downloaded RKill and lo and behold it is FINALLY letting me log onto my account. I am downloading anti-virus as we speak. If I have anymore problems I'll update.

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            Peter M

            If you still have a problem let us know the name of the infection if possible and details of your operating system, service pack etc. etc.

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              Thanks for the quick response!


              After I got logged in and went to download the anti-virus it told me that it couldn't download all the security features. I ran the Mcafee virtual technician and it tells me that I have no Mcafee products installed.


              When I get home from work I will get all the information you requested and post it.


              Thanks again for the response.

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                Peter M

                Try running Malwarebytes Free again after updating it...you can do all that (including downloading and installing it again if you have to) in 'Safe Mode with Networking, reached by tapping F8 repeatedly while booting up and it's number 2 on the ensuing menu.


                It may catch something in that mode that bypasses it in regular mode.


                If that doesn't help then there must be something strange going on.


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