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    VirusScan 8.7i Patch 5 Icon/Console Issues


      We're still having various issues after rolling out patch 5 to our systems, servers are fine, Vista clients are not, the VirusScan icon in the system tray keeps growing with muliple icons, these disappear completely when you move the mouse over them until they all disappear. Also when clicking Start | All Programs | McAfee | VirusScan anc click on the console nothing happens so we are unable to simply check to see if the DATs have updated (we hide the agent icon and lock down all options for the VirusScan).


      Our servers are fine, icons don't repeat and you can right click the icon and check about for the version info.


      Apart from the usual heap of mfehidk.sys errors which many others are seeing there are no other errors being generated.


      Any ideas?