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    Restore Files from Quarantine - VirusScan Ent. 8.0.0

      I have Virus Scan Enterprise 8.0.0 given to me by my college for my personal computer. I run Windows XP SP 3 and have admin access to my computer and virus scan software. I recently ran a full system scan of my computer and harddrive cluster.

      A few files that I need to have access to have been quarantined. The benefits of having access to these files outweights the risks of these files not being quarantined (because I already know what they files seem to be doing that may be mistaken as a trojan.) I want to get these files out of quarantine, but I can move them out of quarantine, I can't change the extensions from .Vir, and I cant find anything in the software to restore such files. How can I retrieve these files?
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          No perfect method here... the only way I've been able to restore files in VS 8.0i is to do it manually from the "C\Quarantine" folder and even that doesn't work most of the time because the quarantine process may write extra data to the file. First, disable Virus Scan, (or it will give you a "Write Protected" error), then copy and paste each of the quarantined files to the original location, (you may need to use the scan log to determine the original location), then rename them manually with their original file extension.. Even then, some of the files may be corrupted.

          Hope this helps.