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    Need Help on how to deploy EEFF and Host DLP

      Dear community


      I need your help in deploying efficiently McAfee EEFF and Host DLP in this scenario:


      The customer has a Win 2003 Server on which he has some shared folders (by department) that holds sensitive documents.


      He needs to prevent any leakage of those documents by any mean (save, copy, print...), and for further security he wants to encrypt the folders so only authorized users can decrypt (say Group1 from AD can decrypt share1 and no share2 or shareX and so on).


      I am now beginning with the encryption part which is easier for me than DLP and I have read the official documentation but I still have these questions:


      1. Is there any thing such a group key which can be assigned to AD groups so all members of that group can encrypt/decrypt the folder

      2. Win 2003 is not supported by EEFF. Can I do the encryption from a client in the network?

      3. Is there any step by step guide on how to get EEFF working (especially the keys and policies management) other than official documentation?


      Thanks in advance