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    NDIS miniport driver is blocking all network access

      I have been running into an issue that appears to be growing on our workstations. The NDIS miniport driver starts blocking all netwok connectivity on the end users PC. Unchecking the box for the driver under network connection properties resolves this issue but I am trying to figure out what is causing it in the first place. I have read various KB articles relating to the issue but they usually refer to HIPs 7.0 and the issue only applying to servers with a specific network chipset. I admit I'm very green when it comes Mcafee and EPO administration so it might be something I'm missing that's right in front of my face. I did look through the policies assigned to HIPs in EPO and I didn't see anything relting to NDIS directly (This may be where I'm going astray). I'm not sure this is an issue with a policy in EPO since it's only happened on a handful PC's out of 3000 systems but it does appear to be a growing issue. Has anyone else run into this and is there a solution short of creaing a script to disable the NDIS driver?