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    Is it possible to resurrect my VSE 8.5 extensions in ePO 4.6?


      I know VSE 8.5 is EOL, but I've got machines out there still running it and I need to chase them down and upgrade them to 8.8. I somehow managed to lose my 8.5 extensions in ePO 4.6 and I can't reinstall them. The install extensions menu will only let me install .zip files. As I understand things, 8.5 extensions are .nap files. I even tried zipping the .nap files but of course ePO didn't want to play that game.  I can see how many 8.5 installations I have in the Product Deployment dashboard but I can't get any names out if it.


      Is there any hope, or do I just need to jump into the fire and perform manual discovery?