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    Why my Registry Blocking Rules don't work?


      VSE 8.8 + P1 + HF625756.
      Win XP.


      The Registry Blocking Rule feature never work for me.  (I tried on two Dell laptops.)


      I'm using another software to monitor the Registry and it works fine.  However, I hope I can finally find out the problem on my VSE.


      My test & result:
      I added a Registry Blocking Rule:
      --  Processes to include:  *
      --  Registry key or value to protect:  HKCU/x  (or HKCU/x/**)
      --  Registry key or value to protect:  (Either)
      --  Registry Actions to Block:  (All checked)
      Both [Block] and [Report] are checked.


      Then I tried every possible action in HKCU/x in the Registry.  No blocking.  No report (red in trayicon).


      Also, those preset rules that concern the Registry, such as "Prevent installation of new CLSIDs, APPIDs and TYPELIBs", are not working either.


      Anyone can give any hint?  Thanks.