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    Is There a Log File for QuickClean?

      I schedule QuickClean to run at a specific time.  Is there a Log I can access to confirm it was run? I use Vista Home Premium. Thanks, Jerry 1/28/12

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          I'm afraid not.  No logs of objects removed that are readable by the user exist.


          There is however SecurityCenter's overall log report which would give you a summary of what the last Quickclean sweep did.


          Open SecurityCenter


          On the Home screen click 'View Reports'.











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            Thanks for the return and your information.  Two questions. 1. My power options are set for the Sleep mode.  I schedule my McAfee Virus Scan and it seems to wake from the Sleep mode and does a scan at the scheduled time.  At least the Log file shows it scanning the same scheduled time each week, which is twice a week.  The best I can tell a scheduled QuickClean does not wake from the sleep mode.  Is that correct?  And, if so, is there a setting I can make to have QuickClean wake from the Sleep mode and perform its function? 2. Being a new user to the Forum, when I revisit the Forum and look for my post under Discussions, I can’t seem to find it, although I do find it under Your Stuff.  Also, should new posts be put under Discussions or All Content? Jerry 1/29/12

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              I believe that is correct, a QC scan wont wake the computer, in other words it wont happen if it's scheduled for when the machine is sleeping.


              Finding a discussion of yours is easy enough by clicking on your user name then 'jerry8c's stuff' or 'Your Stuff' on any page or if you know where it is it's at the top of Quickclean Discussions right now.


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              You can personalise your home page too.  Tutorials here:  https://community.mcafee.com/community/help/getting_started?view=documents

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                Yes, I know I can find my posts under Your Stuff.  However, the reason I was asking that question is how do other people who may be interested in your comments find my posts and follow-up?  I saw my original post in the Discussion forum, but could not find it in the follow-ups.  Also, can you tell me how to edit or delete a post? Thanks, Jerry

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                  They can use the search bar at the top right of the page.  The software thast hosts these forums isn't the friendliest I'm afraid but the choice was McAfee's and we are stiuck with it.


                  You can edit or delete posts using the buttons at the bottom right of an individual post or the right of the main discussion if you wish to delete the whole thing....howver deletion only works for a thread if it hasn't been replied to yet.