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    Please add your wishlist for 8.9i or 9.0i

      Here is my short list I want in the next Mcvafee enterprise suite of Mcafee.



      A.    The installer be it the AGENT MSI or the Antivirus MSI install can be right clicked to choose UNINSTALL of any older version of Mcafee.


      Most modern programs can uninstall older version of themselves so why can't Mcafee Enterprise?


      B.   If client/customer of Mcafee Enterprise is having issues then have a file that will do a rough removal that should be done in safemode.

      Common guys its not hard to do!   Just run a program on a virgin OS that watches registry changes and folder changes then out put those changes in a bathc files that can reverse those changes!   its not hard to do.     I have been asking for something like this for the past 3-5 versions!


      C.  Enterprise also means you are most likely on a trusted secure network.  No need to have a babby sitter sitting at the Mcafee console log to accept agents.

      Let the agents be auto accepted based on who is logged into the machine!  if user unknown then do not allow agent to be accepted into console.


      D.   Once agent is installing let it be a smart agent and let it uninstall older mcafee products or overwrite.



      Any other idea guys?