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    McAfee Firewall Will Not Stay On


      I'm sick of having to this every time McAfee goes wobbly.

      I've just put a new hard drive in my laptop, installed windows 7 and McAfee, then I notice that the firewall says it's on, but when I try to adjust settings, I'm told it's off and will not turn on.

      I'm sick and tired of McAfee not doing what they 'claim' to do. I had to have a new hard drive because McAfee didn't stop a virus.

      I've just run MVT and shocked to see that firewall didn't start as McAfee deleted an important part WTF??

      I'm sick sick sick of Mcafee not working, taking my money and that of my small business but leaving only half the job done.

      Going to ESAT, McAfee you suck.

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