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    Use Cases


      So, I'm curious - is anyone willing to share some real life use cases for the McAfee API in their environment?  I'm trying to judge the real life benefit of having this scripted instead of simply using ePO to manage devices/policies/tasks/etcetera...


      Thanks in advance.

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          there are several.


          1. automatic actions from another system.  for example sccm finds a machine not running the latest version of a mfe product, it applies a tag to the system called "install X" via the api.  that tag has a deployment task associated with it

          2.  farming out repetitive tasks to another group.  for example help desk is assigned with remediating callers that think they are infected, using a web interface they can assign the "infected" tag to the machine

          3.  running simple reports thru a web interface.  you dont want to give access to epo for your mssp so you give them a front end via a web server to run reports