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    Stale ticket?  Inactive device?

      These are followup questions to my previous question on tickets and assets.


      What makes an asset become inactive?  I'm guessing it's not detected by a scan, but for how long?  Does anything eventually happen (automatically) to an inactive device?



      start --> programs --> Foundstone --> FCM console

      expand Foundstone Systems

      select device with the database

      tools --> preferences --> database

      I see the maintenance task


      Delete jos and stale tickets older than

      default is 180 days, and recurring is not checked.


      Presumably this  job is run automatically, even though recurring is not checked; is that the case?

      And what is the definition of 'stale ticket'?






      MVM/foundstone 7.0.5

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          Hi J.


          An Asset is marked "inactive" based on the criteria you've set in:


          Manage > Assets > Manage Asset Identification Rules


          At the bottom of the page there is an option to set the Asset Activity "Number of days without being discovered before an asset is marked "inactive".


          So, if it's not been discovered within that threshold, it will get marked inactive.


          Your other questions about the maint. tasks is a bit more complicated...  you should check the Maintenance Table in the database.  Check the line for:

          Delete Stale Jobs

          The NextRun, Last Finish and FrequencyInDays hould give you a good idea of how that option is working in your environment.


          I think "stale" is based on the # you entered in the option ... if it's 180 days, I think anything 181 days + is considered "stale".


          Hope that helps!

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            I'm still sort of curious as to what a 'stale ticket' might be, and what happens to it.

            After 181 days do tickets get deleted?  I'd rather they didn't, if they're not resolved.




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              They're definately deleted.