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    VirusScan Enterprise 8.5i Patch 8 Release Notes

      This article contains the text of the Readme file for Patch 8 for McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.5i.

      The first 4 weeks following the patch release are carefully monitored by McAfee Tier 3 Support, referred to as the Managed Release program. During this time the patch is delivered to customers who meet criteria for participating in the managed release, and at McAfee Tier 3 Support's discretion. Following the 4 week managed release the patch is made generally available. To participate in the Managed Release program contact your Support Account Manager.

      Customers with Platinum Support wishing to obtain the updated Reporting capabilities in Patch 8 with respect to Artemis Technology should also contact their Support Account Manager.

      Target date for Patch 8 General Availability: 2/24/2009

      NOTE: The above text is not part of the original Release Notes for McAfee(R) VirusScan(R) Enterprise Version 8.5i Patch 8.

      Release Notes for McAfee(R) VirusScan(R) Enterprise Version 8.5i Patch 8
      Copyright (C) 2009 McAfee, Inc.
      All Rights Reserved


      Patch Release: January 27, 2009

      This release was developed and tested with:

      - VirusScan Enterprise: 8.5i
      - DAT Version: 5474, December 24, 2008
      - Engine Version: 5.3.00

      Make sure you have installed these versions, or later,
      before using this release.


      Thank you for using VirusScan(R) Enterprise software.
      This file contains important information regarding this
      release. We strongly recommend that you read the entire


      - About This Release
      - Purpose
      - Improvements
      - Resolved Issues
      - Patch 8 Resolved Issues
      - Patch 7 Resolved Issues
      - Patch 6.1 Resolved Issues
      - Patch 6 Resolved Issues
      - Patch 5 Resolved Issues
      - Patch 4 Resolved Issues
      - Patch 3 Resolved Issues
      - Patch 2 Resolved Issues
      - Patch 1 Resolved Issues
      - Known Issues
      - Files Included With This Release
      - Installation
      - Installation Requirements
      - Installation Steps
      - Installation Steps via ePolicy Orchestrator
      - HotFix/Patch Reporting
      - Verifying the Installation
      - Removing the Patch
      - Copyright & Trademark Attributions
      - License Information



      This release contains updated binaries in a single
      Microsoft Patch installer to address all items listed
      in "Resolved Issues" below.

      For the most up-to-date copy of this Readme
      information, refer to McAfee Support KnowledgeBase
      article 60415.

      Patch 8 is a High Priority release. See McAfee Support
      KnowledgeBase article 614038 for information on


      1. VirusScan Enterprise with the AntiSpyware Module
      can now be set so that it no longer places cookie
      detections in the quarantine folder. They instead
      are deleted permanently as part of the clean

      By setting the DWORD "DisableCookieBackups"
      registry entry to 1, cookie detection quarantines
      no longer occur.


      2. The on-demand scanner has been updated to better
      use the System Utilization setting throughout the
      entire scanning process.

      Refer to McAfee Support KnowledgeBase article
      9197288 for further information.

      3. This Patch contains a new Buffer Overflow and
      Access Protection DAT (version 378), which adds an
      Access Protection category for Virtual Machine
      Protection. These rules provide access protection
      functionality for virtual machines.

      To manage the new Virtual Machine Protection
      category with ePolicy Orchestrator 3.x or
      ProtectionPilot, you must use the latest NAP file,
      which is included in this Patch package, or
      VirusScan 8.5i Repost Patch 5.

      For ePolicy Orchestrator 4.x users, the Extension
      update also contains the updated rule file. The
      updated Extension package is available on the web
      product download area under the Patches category.


      The resolved issues are divided into subsections per
      patch, showing when each fix was added to the


      1. ISSUE:
      In Patch 7, the McShield resource files were
      missing some string tables that were responsible
      for On-Access Scan and On-Demand Scan status.

      McShield.dll has been corrected to include all the
      proper strings for displaying information on
      non-English installations.

      2. ISSUE:
      A timing issue could occur during the import of the
      McAfee Installation Designer (MID) configuration.
      During the installation of VirusScan Enterprise,
      the temporary registry information sometimes was
      not available before the registry editor attempted
      to apply the settings. The process generated an
      application event, ID 1006, while the registry
      editor attempted to reapply the settings until it
      was successful.

      The McAfee Installation Designer configuration
      applicator was revised to no longer report the
      error, because it does not represent a true failure
      in the process.

      To prevent the generation of this error, use the
      repost package that includes this Patch release.

      3. ISSUE:
      On multi-processor systems that receive files from
      remote clients, some instructions were being
      executed frequently and unnecessarily, acquiring an
      exclusive lock on all processors. This created a
      bottleneck in the file I/O being written to disk.

      The link driver has been revised to eliminate the
      described bottleneck.

      4. ISSUE:
      Access Protection block rules that were created for
      USB devices sometimes did not handle removing and
      reinserting the device multiple times.

      The Access Protection, Anti-Virus Filter, and Link
      drivers have been updated to better handle
      re-hooking the device.

      5. ISSUE:
      The On-Access Scanner was not properly utilizing
      the "Scan files opened for Backup" option.

      The Anti-Virus Filter driver has been rectified to
      properly interpret the flag being sent from the
      On-Access Scanner.

      6. ISSUE:
      Certain detections with multiple infections or
      clean actions were logging the action two times.
      One entry was made during the middle of the
      process, and the other during the final

      The Common Shell scanner has been updated to report
      only the final resolution of the detection.

      7. ISSUE:
      The repair option for McAfee AntiSpyware Enterprise
      Module would execute during the patch process. This
      caused the cookie and registry scan targets to be
      re-added to On-Demand Scan tasks that were removed
      by the user.

      The patch installer has been updated to preserve
      the On-Demand Scan anti-spyware scan targets.

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